fididdle2Thanks for visiting!  Below  is a little about my music experience and my approach to teaching the violin.

I started singing at 3, playing piano at 5 and was drawn to the violin at 9. I was classically trained in violin through high school, participating in Vermont Youth Orchestra, Vermont All-State Festival and All New England Music Festival.

During college at the University of Vermont, I played in the orchestra and, due to my enjoyment of improvisation, branched out into other genres: jazz, blues, folk, jam rock. Since college, I have performed with a countless local groups have been featured on VPR and the Radiator. I have been making up songs since I was 4 or so, and have recently begun writing out my own compositions and writing arrangements of some of my favorite songs.

All told, I’ve been playing violin for 30 years, as a student, a professional, and now as a teacher.

I have begun study of violin pedagogy at the Ithaca Suzuki Institute and completed the Suzuki Book 1 training in 2017. Book 1 focuses on teaching beginners with a particular emphasis on children as young as three!

Due to my investment in other genres, I believe that classical violin training is the most versatile genre to start from. A classical violinist will be able to play an old-time tune a lot quicker than a fiddler will be able to play a Mozart concerto. Although I draw heavily from traditional pedegogy, I am creative with my approach and teach everyone individually.

I am grateful for the opportunity to teach and encourage you to reach out if you are considering studying this amazing instrument!

You can call me at 802.373.7223 or email me at